The mission of the Harvard Glee Club Foundation is to sustain the traditions and aspirations of the Harvard Glee Club as a world-class men’s choral organization and to promote excellence through choral singing at Harvard and beyond.


As a strong, sustainable alliance of active alumni, the Harvard Glee Club Foundation will be a powerful catalyst for advancing the highest expression of the choral arts through deep community engagement and lifelong male choral singing.


Excellence: Inspiring sublimity, passion, and imagination in artistic expression.

Creativity: Advancing the frontiers of the choral art through education, scholarship, and the creation and exploration of music, especially for men’s voices.

Leadership: Promoting the Harvard Glee Club as a cultural leader and empowering its members in their growth as leaders.

Stewardship: Preserving the musical and historical legacy of the Harvard Glee Club through generational connections and responsible care of resources.

Citizenship: Fostering collaboration, camaraderie, diversity, and inclusiveness through shared experiences and service to society.

Ambassadorship: Harnessing the power of music to break barriers and promote human understanding.

Generosity: Sharing resources to provide an abundance of opportunity for future generations of singers.


1) Support the musical excellence, community involvement, and social cohesion of the Harvard Glee Club as a vital student-led organization.
2) Foster connections among Glee Club students, alumni, and community members through musical, educational, and social pursuits.
3) Advocate for choral singing (especially singing in the Harvard Glee Club) as a fully-supported curricular and extracurricular part of the life of Harvard University.
4) Promote and encourage community engagement through the performance, study, composition, and preservation of choral music, especially repertoire for male chorus.
5) Sustain the Harvard Glee Club Foundation as a dynamic, inclusive, and responsible nonprofit organization.