Building on the happy circumstance of a string of eleven collaborations between alumni of the Harvard Glee Club and the Old Boys of the Kyoto University Men's Glee Club—especially last spring's very successful San Francisco week—we are pleased and excited to announce the next set of concerts in this series that began in 1990.

Mike McGaghie '01 has agreed to reprise his inspiring conducting gig and will lead the 2018 HGC AC rehearsals at Holden Chapel the last weekends in February and March and then in Kobe the last weekend in April. We'll perform in two cities this time:  Kobe and Takamatsu (across the inland sea on Shikoku), Thursday, 3 May 2018, and then Sunday, 6 May 2018.

Details of musical and social activities will be forthcoming, but please know that there will be plenty of opportunities for excursions during our ten days in Japan as well as before and following our formal schedule there.

We hope that you will find this amazing opportunity not just attractive, but inspiring, and will seriously consider joining the HGC Alumni Chorus for its twelfth collaboration with the Kyoto Old Boys.

At this point, we're eager to hear from alumni with "definite interest" in the 2018 HGC Alumni Chorus. No need to make a final commitment at this time, but do let us know if you are seriously contemplating joining us for what promises to be a fantastic time of glee and good humour, and exquisite music making.

If you are interested in learning more about the tour, please email jgiessler@hgcfoundation.org.