In 1949, G. Wallace “Woody” Woodworth, the then-conductor of the Harvard Glee Club, and his predecessor, Archibald T. “Doc” Davison, began discussions with several former members of the Glee Club regarding the formation of an organization to provide permanent financial support for the Glee Club. These discussions led to the formation of the Harvard Glee Club Foundation in February 1950.  The organization is composed of all former members of the Harvard Glee Club and is governed by an elected Board of Directors.  The Foundation’s present membership includes some 2,000 former singers from almost all of Harvard’s schools who now live on six continents.  In 2016-2017 the Foundation provided more than $100,000 of support for the Harvard Glee Club and the Harvard Choruses program.  Click on the squares below to learn more about the structure and leadership of the Foundation.