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"Singing Beyond National Borders: Glee Club Alums Give Concert in Takamatsu.  Harvard and Kyoto Universities.

On May 6, alumni of Glee Clubs (all-male choruses) from America's Harvard University and Kyoto University gave a concert in the Prefectural Concert Hall's Large Hall.  Some 1500 people heard harmonies that transcended national boundaries.

The Harvard Glee Club was founded in 1858.  Concerts given in Japan in the 1960s by Harvard had a big influence on the founding of the Kyoto U Glee Club.  In the spring of 1990, alums from both Clubs gave their first joint concerts in Tokyo and Osaka.  Since then, concerts have been given in both the US and Japan in such cities as Kyoto, Honolulu, and Nagasaki.

This time, to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Prefectural Concert Hall in Takamatsu, the three groups decided to perform there.  Initially, they were going to sing in the small hall, but so many people indicated interest in attending, that the concert was moved to the large hall.

The two groups together numbered about 80 singers. Kyoto sang Debussy songs while Harvard featured some American songs.  Then they joined together singing among others a new arrangement of "Konpira Fune Fune" in addition to spirituals such as "Motherless Child" The singing was both powerful and tender and the audience was charmed.

The two groups were joined by the Takamatsu based women's chorus, Frauenchor Kagawa, that added a symbolic lovely flower to the stage."


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