United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Greece

June 16 - August 17, 1961
Elliot Forbes, conductor

HGC FET 1961 01.jpeg

Reflections on the Far Eastern Tour

President’s Message by Loring Conant ‘61 from the Harvard Glee Club Final Report on the 1961 Far Eastern Tour

The 2018 Addendum by Loring Conant ‘61:

It has been over 55 years since the above few paragraphs were written on behalf of all each of us who had the rich experience of being a member of the Harvard Glee Club 1961 Far Eastern Tour Group. Each one of us surviving members is continually nourished by the many memories of those 9 weeks in the summer of 1961 which took us literally around the world, offering concerts beginning in Los Angeles, heading westward via Hawaii to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, India, ending in Greece. At our last major reunion, the 50th, we recognized the loss of 10 of our members. Over the last 7 years, 2 more, with a increasing number of those of us enduring, carrying significant medical problems. This website will offer an easy way for our being in closer touch with one another through shared reflections, photos, even music. It can be a “perpetual reunion”.

The 1961 Far Eastern Tour Blog

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