Harvard Glee Club Foundation

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Founded in 1949, the Harvard Glee Club Foundation’s mission is:

To sustain the traditions and aspirations of the Harvard Glee Club as a world-class
men’s choral organization and to promote excellence through choral
singing at Harvard and beyond.

On these pages, you will discover the many activities, events, and programs of the Foundation that work together in the fulfillment of that mission. Here you will find information about HGC alumni events, regional sings, tour reunions, and opportunities to hear and interact with the Harvard Glee Club. You will also learn more about the historic purpose of the Foundation and catch a glimpse of its exciting vision for the future. The link to the Harvard Glee Club website will help you stay in touch with the students and their upcoming concerts as well as give you a chance to hear their glorious music.

Most importantly, here you can join with HGC alumni around the world in supporting the historic institution that is the Harvard Glee Club. Your gifts to the Foundation are key to ensuring that, “Long may continue our unity and joy!”

Remember the time you spend here, the joys you feel—remember the thrill that wells up inside you and catches in your throat as you sing proudly beside your friends and know what it is to be a part of the Harvard Glee Club. Feel that joy and that pride today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life, because every concert is something beautiful—and the Harvard Glee Club is something glorious.

~ Quentin C. Sedlacek, AB ’08